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Cancer rehabilitation focuses on restoring function and improving quality of life during and after cancer treatment, complementing the standard treatment modalities.

It involves a combination of physical, occupational, and speech therapies, along with psychosocial support, nutritional guidance, and pain management tailored to individual needs.

Yes, cancer rehabilitation is designed to address and manage various post-treatment side effects, such as fatigue, pain, mobility issues, and emotional distress.

The duration varies based on individual needs and treatment plans. The rehabilitation team will create a personalized program with a specific timeline for each patient.

No, cancer rehabilitation is beneficial for individuals at any stage of their cancer journey, including those in remission or dealing with long-term survivorship issues.


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I wish to thank Ayushmaan Heathcare for appointing Boomika as a care giver to my Ninety six year old mother. Boomika was a dedicated and efficient person and during her one year period of work she attended to my mother's care with extreme attention and. affection.

Anuradha Ramamoorthy

Roopa had come to help me out . I had an operation and needed help to look after my husband ,he was bed ridden due to stroke. She was patient and good with us. We were happy with her service.

Roopa Chidanand

My father who is of 97 years of age has been admitted here post his surgery. From the top management to the care takers, we found them to be very humble, kind and accommodating. I would confidently recommend them to anyone looking for such services.

Nanaiah A P

Very good service. The caretakers very gentle and caring. Well trained, lots of patience. Only once i briefed what is the work. I am very happy and pleased with the service. Thank you very much to Ayushman health care and the caretaker.

Bharathi Murthy

I had engaged the services of a person from Ayushmaan Health Care to look after my very aged mother. I am very much pleased that in these two months the lady deputed did not miss a single day and very punctual. She took good care of my mother.

Swaminathan iyer

Great Staff and facility. I had admitted my grand mother and they took good care of her. Special thanks to Ashika for being available for any nursing support whenever we had requested.

Mahadeva Prasad

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